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Becoming People of GRACE who treasure Christ


Here at KU, we get really excited about helping students to become people of GRACE who treasure Christ! GRACE is an acronym we use as we walk with students.

We yearn for our community to grow in each of these areas. Learn more HERE 

 G. Help students understand and experience the Gospel of Grace 

 R. Solidify a loving and trusting Relationship with God and with others 

 A. Take Action to advance God's kingdom 

 C. Grow more like Jesus in Character and in lifestyle 

 E. Put forth Effort to know God and to make Him known 

Thursday Nights 

 Thursdays are our favorite night of the week! We meet on Thursdays at 7 PM at BridgePointe Community Church for a time of worship and learning as a community. Our large group meetings are full of great people, joyful music, and a time of teaching every week.

We hope that Thursday evenings are an opportunity to connect with God, both as a community and as individuals, in a meaningful way.  We hope to see you there! 

For locations and questions, please see our contact page.  

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